Taking creative scenes as our starting point, this issue we explore the people, spaces, media, and events that forge interpersonal connections, birth new opportunities, and generate activity within them. We also introduce the new streams they transmit to the world like projects born of fresh concepts and zines rich in originality along with each of their features and networks. 
The first part of the issue is devoted thorough coverage of two units: The Journal, which possesses a rich creative network and has become something of a sensation for its unique presentations coordinating magazine media with gallery space, and Pictures on Walls, which provides behind-the-scenes support to the UK art scene through online sales of prints by urban artists and organizing events.
Following this is our first feature, where we turn our attention to the growing small press movement of zines and artists' books through coverage of five icons of this scene, as well as looks at art book fairs taking place in various cities.
In our second feature we pick up spots that serve as hubs for the local creative scene from seven cities around the world. In addition to interviews with leading figures from these hubs, we also present several examples of the information they transmit such as exhibitions and events.
Our goal with this issue is to offer a dual internal and external perspective of these unique streams representative of their respective creative scenes.
The Journal/Michael Nevin, Tomoo Gokita, Leif Ritchey, 
Evan Gruzis, Ida Ekblad, Gina Beavers, Harriet Salmon

Pictures on Walls/Antony Micallef, Paul Insect, Invader, Xenz

New Age of Publication: Small Press
Nieves/Benjamin Sommerhalder, Motto/Alexis Zavialoff, 
Printed Matter/AA Bronson, Paperback/Oliver Watson, 
UTRECHT/Hiroshi Eguchi

Creative Crossing
Honey Space/Thomas Beale, 
Space 1026/Andrew Jeffrey Wright, 
Circleculture Gallery/Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer, 
Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery/Martin J Tickner & 
Sean McLusky, Family/David Jacob Kramer, 
Public/Image.3D/Kenjiro Harigai, 
Citylights Projects/Andy Mac
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