In our third-ever branding special we give center stage to the oh-so distinctive visual identities one often finds gracing the logos, signage, packaging, shopping bags, print media, websites, and decor of smaller galleries, shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, web media, and other local businesses. Particular attention is turned to the creators responsible for making brand images a reality through graphic, web, interior, or architectural design.
The issue kicks off with a look at artist Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery, the attached cafe Pharmacy 2 that Hirst runs alongside restaurateur Mark Hix, and Hix’s own eatery Tramshed. We also pick up on the branding of Milanese shopping center 10 Corso Como and Hoshino Resorts, Japan’s leading hotel management company. Following this is a feature on city branding, or the logos and other visuals produced for communities that have chosen to hire official creative or communications directors. Finally, we bring the issue to a close by focusing on the identities of local brands that provide the goods or services they want in the location of their choosing to clientele only in that locale.
Expressing love for one’s hometown in a unique way is a failsafe recipe for attracting a following, and in this issue you will find a bevy of just this sort of brand.
巻頭では、アーティストのDamien Hirstによって設立されたNewport Street Galleryや、料理人Mark Hixと共同経営を行なう同ギャラリー内のレストランPharmacy 2、そしてHixが運営をするレストランTramshedをピックアップ。さらに、ミラノの複合商業施設10 Corso Como、日本を代表するホテル運営会社・星野リゾートのブランディングを紹介する。続く第2特集では、クリエイティヴ・ディレクターやコミュニケーション・ディレクターという役職を設置し、彼らが手がけた都市のロゴやヴィジュアルといった、シティ・ブランディングを取り上げる。巻末特集では、好きな仕事やサービスを、好きな場所で、特定の人たちに向けて展開する、ローカル・ブランドのアイデンティティにフォーカスした。
Featured Interviews
Newport Street Gallery
Pharmacy 2
10 Corso Como
Hoshino Resorts
City Branding
Manchester / England
Bologna / Italy
Stockholm / Sweden
Melbourune / Australia
Covington / USA
Bratislava / Slovakia
Local Brand Identity
etq store
Bonanza Coffee
e5 Bakehouse
Cookies Cream
Soho House & Co
Park Delicatessen
Le chocolat des Français
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