A new art book of photography with photography all taken with Nikon Camera and NIKKOR lens and story around the lens.
The book introduce the world’s leading 21 photographers’ original work with story around the lens used for the work. The book will also introduce the technology and decades of craftsmanship of NIKKOR lens by the Nikon engineers.
Ahn Jun
Andrea Bruce
Bob Martin
Colston Julian
Craig Jones
Daisy Gilardini
Donald Miralle
Hiroshi Kaneko
Marcelo Gomes
Keith and Mark Sutton
Norihito Ogata
Phil Knott
Taisuke Koyama
Takao Fujita
Tomoko Suwa-Krull
Topaz Leung
Yoi Kawakubo
Yuhki Touyama

Publisher: D.D.WAVE Co., Ltd.

Release: 10th December, 2013 / pre release in Japan

Availability: Japan, the U.S., and countries in Europe and Asia

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese

Specifics: 210 × 297 mm, 192 pages, soft cover

Price: ¥2,000, US$25, £15, €18




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