As much as technology continues to render in many various directions today, the focus of this feature will be on posters that has given us the visual impact to many of us. Covering from Art Posters to AD visuals. It is composed in 4 different sections, featuring on all about Poster Designs.
The first section will include an interview by the legendary designer, Milton Glaser who is known as the creator of “I ♥ NY” logo. Not to forget, this section will include creators that have been working in frontline of the creative scene to create visual posters respectively. Second section will feature visual works that has remarkably been influential over generations. The third section will focus on designers that represent Eastern Europe and Northern America, who has flourished the world of posters within their culture. Lastly but not least, we can’t forget the effect of AD visuals for fashion brands. Here, we have carefully selected brands that continue to inspire all of us with their fresh ideas.
Each posters and artworks has been carefully been made through various methods and style. Here, we have gathered the appeal and power of posters into one magazine. 
巻頭企画では、” I ♥ NY” のロゴを手がけた伝説のデザイナーMilton Glaserのインタビューを含む、各都市のクリエイティヴ・シーン最前線で活躍するヴィジュアル・ポスターの制作者を、第2 企画では永年語り続かれるであろう、一時代を築き上げた神格的なヴィジュアル作品を紹介する。続く、第3 企画ではメディアに取りあげられにくい東ヨーロッパや北中米などのデザイナーが生み出す個性豊かで独特な色彩感のあるポスターを、第4 企画は各々の世界観を表現し、見るものに印象深いイメージや鮮烈なメッセージを伝えるファッション・ブランドのADヴィジュアルを取り上げる。
さまざまなアプローチ方法や制作スタイルによって表現された、一枚で完結したアート作品であるポスターの魅力を存分に伝える1 冊となっている。
World's Poster Designers
Milton Glaser
Amy Guip
De Designpolitie
Philippe Apeloig
The Remarkable Long Lasting Visuals
Shepard Fairey: Obama Hope
Oliviero Toscani: BENETTON
Tsuguya Inoue: COMME des GARÇONS
James Lavelle: UNKLE 『Psyence Fiction』
Tom Hingston: Massive Attack 『Mezzanine』
Yuji Tokuda: retired weapons
The Unknown Countries' Poster Designs
David Barath from Hungary
Atipo from Spain
And Atelier from Portugal
Studio Iknoki from Italy
Rory Bradley from Ireland
Bogdan Ceausescu from Romania
Project Graphics from Kosovo
Germán Jiménez from Colombia
Fermin Guerrero from Uruguay
Pablo Berger from Mexico
Fashion Visual Archives
American Apparel
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  • John Warwicker "amateur"
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