From Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan - introducing 19 creators that is expected to gain attention in the upcoming generation in the world.

Under the circumstances of the easy digital media and development of internet, anyone can call themselves a “designer”. Differentiating themselves from others, some of these creators have the ability to conduct the new innovative style expected in the upcoming generation. Living and growing together with time, the unique style and sense of creativity through the eyes of aesthetic, the new developing design continues to amuse through design, this is the one that tells the creative scene of the future. In addition to this, the front page of every section will include columns from editors and journalists currently residing in the city respectively- sharing to us their thoughts on design.

The cover is in done Sumi ink to accentuate the oriental feel along with the rough graphical typography. Designed by Rikako Nagashima.

日本をはじめ、中国、香港、韓国、タイ、シンガポール、台湾といった東/東南アジアの世界的に注目を集める次代の新鋭デザイナー19 名を紹介。



Creators’ Interview
Yuni Yoshida
Masashi Kawamura from PARTY Inc.
Yuma Harada from Design Farm UMA
Rikako Nagashima
Daito Manabe from Rhizomatiks

Hei Yiyang from SenseTeam
Guang Yu from TOMEETYOU Graphic

Hong Kong
Javin Mo from Milkxhake
Calvin Ho of Atomic Attack!

South Korea
Sulki & Min
Na Kim

Tap Kruavanichkit from FARMGROUP

Felix Ng from SILNT
Larry Peh from &Larry

Johnason Lo from JL Design
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